We offer our clients custom financing solutions for projects across the spectrum of physical assets.

Our funding partners operate throughout the entire capital stack.

Real Estate

Financing of commercial and residential real estate projects with a focus on Europe and North America. Solutions include debt and equity financing in partnership with global network of banks, real estate investment firms, specialist debt funds and family offices.

Energy and Infrastructure

With a specific focus on sustainable energy sources and infrastructure with impact, the team at HIC arranges a variety of financing solutions for new and existing projects around the globe.

Additionally, our team also offers thematic research and advisory services. Specifically, we cover:

Thematic Research

Whether it’s for next generation education platforms in South East Asia or clean energy solutions in South America, every analysis will include a breakdown of global market trends, regional political developments, as well as the latest technological innovations.

Horizon Scanning

We identify key trends and developments relevant to your business and assets. From there, we can then develop multiple climate pathway scenarios highlighting macro trends and how they can impact your industry.

value / future

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